Mar 7 2010

Gano Excel Cafe and Coffee Bean Machines!

coffee pot1 113x150 Gano Excel Cafe and Coffee Bean Machines!Coffee Bean

There’s a woman in my circle who was given one of those fancy coffee bean machines.  Its footprint greedily takes up counter space in her kitchen.  So does the rack that holds all the flavor choices that came with the machine.  It takes this woman as long to decide what to brew as it does to brew the coffee itself.  Plus, she has to grind the beans.  She thinks that’s esoteric. I think it’s silly.  But that’s just me.  I am determined to simplify a busy life.

With Gano Coffee,  I simply turn a burner on under a kettle of water and while it heats, I sprinkle a packet of GanoExcel Classic into my cup, and enjoy the aroma.  When that water is hot I’m set!  I can quickly and effortlessly enjoy rich, awesome flavor, increased energy and stamina and a stronger immune system.  The fanciest coffee bean machines in the world cannot offer such gifts. The woman I mentioned earlier loses time at work because of “sick days” while I can reserve those.   To Learn More About the Health Benefits of Ganoderma, Go Here!

Organic Coffee Bean

Since I feel well and strong, I rarely need to miss time from my “day job.” What is the difference between us, aside from her fancy coffee bean machine?  The difference is merely that Gano only uses an organic coffee bean blended with red mushroom!  My healthy coffee bears the goodness of the red Reishi mushroom; it’s infused into every sip! Red Reishi mushrooms grow in Southeast Asia.  They are well known; recognized for their healing properties.  Since ancient days, they have long been associated with palliative effects.  You can see all the scientific studies for yourself by visiting!

So called “regular” coffee cannot compete with GanoExcel when it comes to the health benefits.  Regular coffee can affect blood sugar levels; it can also dehydrate the body in jig time.  The body’s cells need every opportunity for the kind of high powered nourishment offered by GanoExcel Classic Café!  With more than 200 trace nutrients from the Reishi mushroom combined with the organic coffee bean that is grown and used by Gano, the gano coffee products are better than any I have ever tasted from those fancy coffee bean machines.

Another advantage my friend’s coffee bean machine cannot match is the GanoExcel home business opportunity.  Online coffee shopping is a breeze; Gano’s health benefits are highly sought after.  Another stream of passive income for every household is very appealing and that is easily achievable with GanoExel and their fine array of healthy coffees, teas, and personal care items.

I have stepped up to take advantage of this glorious opportunity.  From the comfort of my own home I am enjoying the benefits of healthy coffee and more energy; online shopping and tax credits; as well as the fun of working with like minded people who want to better their lot in life as they improve their health. Do you have all the energy you need to enjoy your life?  Are you free to pursue your dreams and work in complete freedom?  Do you enjoy great coffee? If the answer to any of those questions is ‘yes’ I’d like to speak with you about your future so we can add you to the burgeoning Team we are creating!  PLEASE CONTACT ME so you can see positive results in every area as quickly as possible!

Gano Cafe The Best Coffee Bean Machine!

Kathy Jenks
gano company healthier coffee1 Gano Excel Cafe and Coffee Bean Machines!

Feb 24 2010

Gano Excel-Gano Cafe

Many of us don’t really think of drinking coffee and making money at the same. Well, we might think of it in the context of drinking coffee at something related to our work – a business meeting, an interview, a sales pitch – but nothing that would indicate that drinking coffee would directly relate to making money. That is, until now. With the beginning of a company called Gano Excel-Gano Cafe in 1995, now you can do both.

Gano Excel started in Malaysia in 1995 and is now in 42 countries. It is debt free. Its goal is being in 100 nations in 10 years. If you’ve never thought about coffee and making money in the same sentence before you need to start thinking about it now. Gano Excel-Gano Cafe combines nutrients from the Red Mushroom, the “Miraculous King of Herbs”, with the most flavorful coffee on the globe to bring a healthy coffee break to all of us. As we drink the most popular drink on earth we can also enjoy the many health benefits of Red Mushroom.

In addition to enjoying a healthier lifestyle with coffee, we can also look at Gano Excel as a wonderful financial opportunity. Consider this – Coffee is 2nd only to oil as the world’s most highly traded commodity and export; Coffee is 2nd only to water as the world’s most popular drink. The demand for coffee is certainly there. “Everybody does it” is a phrase we have heard our kids tell us a lot. Well, in this case it just might be true. Almost everybody does drink coffee. How’s that for a potential audience? Combine that with the fact that Gano Excel coffees combine the great taste of gourmet coffee with the medicinal benefits of the Red Mushroom and you have quite an opportunity on your hands. It doesn’t get much better than Gano Excel-Gano Cafe

Add this fact on for size, as well – Some estimates put the Health and Wellness Industry currently valued at $200 billion dollars in annual revenues and is projected to reach $1 trillion in the next few years. In addition, it is growing at a rate of $250 million per day. So, you have a commodity that people from around the world consume. You have a growing health and wellness industry with folks breaking down doors to find things that can help them live a healthier life. Combine the two and you have the makings for a wonderful business opportunity. Still think you can’t drink coffee and make money at the same time?

To Learn More About The Best Healthy Coffee Online Business Opportunity From Gano Excel-Gano Cafe Go Here Now!

Feb 15 2010

GanoExcel: A Song in My Heart and a Spring in My Step

I love u 150x117 GanoExcel:  A Song in My Heart and  a Spring in My StepDo you wish you had a nickel for every time you woke up with a song stuck in your head?

When I blinked awake this morning all I heard was the sing-song refrain that goes like this:

“I love coffee;

I love tea.

I love you.

Do you love me?”

For those of you who do enjoy coffee and tea I have great news: GanoExcel!

The GanoExcel Company has done us the honor of creating an entire delicious array of health-giving, life enhancing coffees and teas in a delicious and delightful assortment of flavors.

Just look at this impressive lineup from GanoExcel:

  • Ganocafe 3 in 1 – rich, creamy blend with a touch of sweetness
  • Ganocafe Classic – rich and dark; it’s a cup of plain coffee with no “fixin’s”
  • Ganocafe Mocha – deeply satisfying for those who love coffee and chocolate
  • Gano Tongkat Ali – must-flavored, lusty tea for lovers
  • Gano Tea SOD – bright and red, a deeply flavored tea for the health conscious

Each of these delectable offerings is tailored to the connoisseur’s palate. Moreover, each one has ample nutritional goodness unparalleled by any other type of drink. The prime factor is Gano’s Red Reishi mushroom. It is well documented for its healing properties. You can read all about this for yourself if you log onto and Every speck of that goodness has been harnessed and infused into every cup of every coffee and tea from GanoExcel’s plantations. What that means for all of us dyed-in-the-wool coffee and tea drinkers, besides great flavor satisfaction, is increased stamina and energy, stronger immune systems and cheerier moods.

Ah, but the goodness does not end there. You see, online coffee shopping has become so popular that GanoExcel has made a beautiful, lucrative business opportunity available for anyone who would appreciate the freedom and income of a home based business.

I have started my own enterprise and simply by drinking coffee and tea, referring those who sit in my circle, and increasing my well being and bottom line I am building a Team of like minded individuals. I am eager to have you join my Team, especially if you love people, coffee, tea or would like to be your own boss! CLICK HERE TO PUT A SONG IN YOUR HEART AND A SPRING IN YOUR STEP NOW.

Kathy Jenks
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Feb 1 2010

Best Healthy Coffee With Gano Excel Coffee Cafe!

good morning 2 Best Healthy Coffee With Gano Excel Coffee Cafe!

Best Healthy Coffee

Grabbing a cup of coffee.  How about a cup of what I feel is the best healthy coffee? It sounds so comforting. It means more than just having something to drink.  It means a little bit of peace and quiet, a restful interlude, a little break in the action of life.  It can be at work, at home, visiting friends.  It can even break up the stress of a job interview or a first date.  Coffee is more than just a drink.  We’re not downing a cup to quench our thirst.  We’re engaging in a part of life.  It is, perhaps, one of the things that link us with others around the world.  Coffee in its many different forms and flavors is consumed by so many around the four corners of the earth.  It is one of the many threads connecting us with each other around the globe.

Best Healthy Coffee?

Gano Excel has taken that common thread among us and made it even greater.  Gano Excel combines the richest coffee beans with exclusive Ganoderma extract to create the first “healthier” coffee. It is my opinion that Gano Excel has the best healthy coffee. Combining state of the art technology with a 4000 year old way of life, Gano Excel has given “grabbing a cup of coffee” a new meaning.  Now, not only can we savor a little break from life with a cup of coffee, but we can do it knowing that we are getting the health benefits of the Red Mushroom and its superior attributes. It is also convenient because you can shop online and have it arrive at your door. Best Healthy coffee just got better.

Drinking coffee is a regular staple in the daily routine of many.  Whether it’s a favorite flavor, chilled or just straight, old school black, coffee is and will continue to be a regular part of the day for many of us.  Grabbing the best healthy coffee makes this daily routine even better.  It’s nice to know that now, when we sit back and enjoy that cup, that we can enjoy it even more knowing the many health benefits it give us in the process.  There’s the ever popular story of how coffee can give us a little extra energy for a while.  That extra jolt of caffeine after lunch is maybe what is needed for some to get us through the middle of the afternoon.  Of course, how many students have downed pot after pot of coffee to stay awake late at night to study for an exam?  But now we can have long term benefits of a health drink right there in our everyday routine of coffee.  Instead of a short term burst, we can enjoy the fruits of a long term benefit.  Now we can love coffee even more.

It isn’t just about the coffee though. With Gano Excel you have a great business opportunity. There are a lot of myths out there about network marketing. Do you know that more people experience financial freedom through network marketing than any other opportunity. It has been around for many many years.  Go Here to Learn The Importance of The Brilliant Compensation and Your Financial Freedom! When you understand how network marketing works and that the only real pyramid is in a JOB, you may just be as excited as I am about the opportunity that Gano Excel is.   Best Health Coffee, Great business opportunity!

Go Here to Learn More about Buying The Best Healthy Coffee From Gano Excel Coffee Cafe!

Kathy Jenks
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Jan 22 2010

GanoExcel: Bringing Health and Wealth to Every Family

family tree GanoExcel:  Bringing Health and Wealth to Every FamilyGanoExcel is an impressive coffee company whose main push is to bring health and wealth to every family.  While many beverage companies are offering sugary, health robbing, so-called “energy” drinks this is a company who actually has their customers’ best interest at heart.

What a concept!

The red Reishi mushroom is the centerpiece of this company.  Grown for its beneficial health properties, this King of Mushrooms offers a plethora of goodness simply by drinking a favored beverage!  All their coffees, teas, and gourmet hot chocolate contain necessary vitamins and minerals as well as the phytonutrients and antioxidants needed by the body for optimum health.  This means more energy, a stronger immune system, increased stamina and better quality of sleep for you!

Ordinary coffees, “energy boosting” drinks and regular teas can not offer those benefits.  Not only can they not be beneficial, all those kinds of drinks are very dehydrating to the body.  When the cells are not properly hydrated, aging is accelerated.  GanoExcel’s products contribute to DE-aging.  Who would not love looking and feeling younger and more energetic?

Those “energy” drinks truly are a misnomer.  What those caffeine loaded beverages do is to spike one’s blood sugar, only to have it drop like a lead balloon when the “high” is gone!  The hope is that you will pop the top on another, thereby pumping coins into the manufacturer’s coffers.  They pay no mind to your health.

GanoExcel’s benefits do not end with your health.  The health of your financial picture is of prime concern to them, as well.  They have set up a business opportunity for the work at home entrepreneur because they understand the popularity of online coffee shopping, to-your-door delivery and how seriously coffee lovers take their health.

Happily, I have jumped on board with this home based business opportunity.  Our entire household has been drinking GanoExcel coffees, teas, and hot chocolate regularly.  The result is that those in our circle of influence have inquired about the products, the business and all the benefits, and my home based enterprise is growing exponentially.  Soon this will replace the full time income I have earned and GanoExcel can be my primary source of revenue.

You, too, will be impressed.  You could reap these same benefits with a company who has your best interest at heart.  GET THE COFFEE SCOOP HERE!

Kathy Jenks
cof2 GanoExcel:  Bringing Health and Wealth to Every Family


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