Mar 24 2010

MyGanoCafe: Your House Could Be a Coffee House?

coffee house 150x150 MyGanoCafe:  Your House Could Be a Coffee House?MyGanoCafe

The hottest trend in today’s entertainment world is the In-Home Concert. When Jody and Paul were invited to their first Coffee House event they were guests of friends and the affair was held in a church. The Youth Group served as wait staff and the church ladies had provided cookies to be sold for refreshments.  Jody and Paul, fans of MyGanoCafe and every flavor in their lineup, mused on the way home that hosting a similar event would be an excellent way to showcase their new-found singer, songwriter in the comfort of their own home.

That’s exactly what they did. They invited a local young singer-songwriter they know who is on his way up in the world. They laid out an assortment of MyGanoCafe products to include Gano Classic, Three in One, and Gano’s SOD tea for their guests, along with some little sandwiches. Jody even thought to put out marshmallows to go with the Schokolade for the children who came with their parents.  The evening was a huge hit! The talented artist was delightful and sold some of his albums; the hosts made a positive impression on their guests and some commerce was conducted as the result of this entertaining evening.

MyGanoCafe is:

A healthy coffee business opportunity for anyone who is looking to make extra money from home.  All home based businesses should be this much fun! You can create residual income simply by offering your guests a relaxing evening of fun and entertainment as well as a beverage that has tremendous health benefits!  The benefits of added income are pretty obvious: there is the savings on the purchase of great coffee as well as personal care items and the tax advantages of having a work at home business.  This is where you can find information on the MyGanoCafe Compensation Plan!

The health benefits are immeasurable. The red Reishi mushroom is a big part of those benefits. The many studies that chronicle the efficacy of Reishi mushrooms can be found on so you can see there all the reasons why this mushroom found such favor in the Orient. The phytonutrients, the antioxidants, the vitamin and mineral content would be reason enough on their own to drink these delicious beverages. The boost of energy, the enchanced immunity, the flavor—all these factor into the success of the MyGanoCafe and their world wide representatives.

I have answered the call of MyGanoCafe and every day our family happily indulges in the healthy practice of healthy coffee, tea and hot chocolate so we can feel in the pink of good health. We note fewer colds, we have far more energy than in days gone by when we drank “regular” coffee and people tell us our Youthfulness is showing! We are growing a business that provides a steady stream of residual income and we are really enjoying our life!

If you would like to feel better, have some residual income, and enjoy the flavors and benefits of really good beverages let us know.  We’d really love to add some like minded team members to our growing group.  In the meantime, think about hosting your own InHome Concert with the artist of your choosing!

If you would like MyGanoCafe to turn your house in to a coffee house go here now!

Kathy Jenks
Independent Distributor for MyGanoCafe

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