Nov 6 2009

Gano Excel – 3 Good Reasons Why Drinking Coffee Is Beneficial

coffee beans Gano Excel   3 Good Reasons Why Drinking Coffee Is BeneficialCoffee has such a colorful reputation.  Some so-called authorities will insist that coffee is bad for your health in many respects and admonish people never to ingest the beverage at all.  Others, with research in hand, will give you permission to drink coffee without guilt or reservation, self-proclaiming they have the most authoritative information.

I’d like to propose a ‘middle of the road’ approach to coffee drinking because we are all unique and each of us has different tastes, different requirements and different levels of well being.

Here are three reasons why drinking coffee might be beneficial:

It’s All a Matter of Taste

  1. The first reason to drink coffee is because it tastes good.  Wouldn’t you like to have full, deep, rich yet mellow flavor?  Don’t you want the aroma to draw you in, inviting you to fill your favorite cup full of that dark delight? Whether you are a “true coffee aficionado” who chooses not to add cream or sugar or you are a ‘let’s-go-for-the-whole-nine-yards” coffee drinker, don’t you want your coffee to taste the way YOU think it should taste? Whether it is your first cup of coffee in the morning or that quick cup from a drive-through window with your noon meal, it needs to satisfy your palate.  In cold weather that mug of steamy, hot coffee warms more than your body; it serves your soul, in a way.  When the weather is hot, an icy cold coffee drink, flavored just the way you like, with ice clinking in the glass is just deeply satisfying somehow.

The Social Aspect

  1. When corporate America introduced the coffee break to its workforce in the mid-1900s it became a widespread success story.  Wives and mothers have always gathered in their kitchens to share a cup of coffee and trade wisdom.  Retired workers have for eons settled around a mid morning table just to make sure their communities are running smoothly and they still feel as if they are in touch with what’s happening.  The coffee pot becomes the major player on those occasions, perhaps accompanied by a pastry or snack food.  You could gather in the same way around a teapot, but it would not carry the same significance.  Many romances begin with a simple, friendly coffee date.  The social aspect of gathering round the coffee pot cannot be overestimated.  People who interact socially are far less likely to have depression or serious health issues.

There Is a Health Component

  1. Coffee comes from all over the world.  The little berries that we call beans are harvested in places we never studied in our geography classes as school kids!  One of the ideas that has evolved to benefit coffee drinkers has to do with the health benefits.  There are products available now that have been infused with the antioxidants and phytonutrient properties which mean that just by drinking coffee there are major health benefits!  Some may note improved stamina or energy.  A number of coffee drinkers have even reported improvement in the quality of their sleep!  And all this time you have had the idea that coffee drinking could interfere with your sleep!  The addition of these nutritional components has also meant reports of healthier, stronger immune systems with fewer colds!  You may never have thought of coffee in terms of a part of a healthy diet but in the case of those coffees which incorporate other plant life into the finished product, it is a wonderful adjunct to any health regimen.

There might be one more advantage to the ideas put forth here.  Some coffee companies have opened the doors of opportunity to people who seek another stream of income.  Those companies have online and offline advantages to their customers.  I you are a major coffee drinker, looking into those possibilities might be a way of “supporting your habit!”  If you are not a coffee drinker, well, your eyes probably did not fall on this page!

Kathy Jenks

healthy coffee Gano Excel   3 Good Reasons Why Drinking Coffee Is Beneficial

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