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Gano products include a variety of nutritious coffee products as well as tea, hot chocolate, personal care and supplements.  All of the Gano products contain ganoderma Lucidum from the reishi mushroom.  Gano Excel has taken the richest and finest coffee beans and combined them with the world renowned Red Mushroom to bring you a delicious healthy coffee.  Coffee is the 2nd most consumed beverage in the world,  next to water.  There are 1.4 billion cups of coffee served daily making the Gano products, products that are in high demand.  Combine that with the increasing demand for health and wellness products and Gano Excel offers a great business opportunity for any home business entrepreneur.

Gano Products

The first group of Gano products is their coffee.

The Gano Cafe 3-in-1 has a touch of natural sweeteners and non-dairy creamer.  Just mix the packet with hot water and you have a perfect cup of coffee.  The Gano 3-in-1 combines the finest coffee beans, grown orgranically, and combines them with the red reishi mushroom that has over 200 trace nutrients.  Healthy coffee at it’s best.

The next Gano Product is Ganocafe Classic.  It is one of the world’s best coffees.  Ganoderma Lucidum (what many call the most nutrious herb in the world.) is added to the organic coffee beans giving you a rich nutritious coffee.  Ganocafe classic also has more than 200 trace nutrients.  Ganocafe classic is for those individuals who like to drink their coffee black.  Many experience a new sense of energy and vitality, naturally.

Gano Excel’s Mocha coffee is a combination of rich organic coffee and delicious swiss cocoa and the red mushroom.  It is a true gourmet coffee flavor with the nutrition of the ganoderma lucidum.  If you didn’t believe that healthy coffee could be good.  Just try the Gano Coffee Products.

Other Gano Products

Gano Schokolade is an all natural blend of swiss chocolate, ganoderma lucidum extract and powered skimmed milk.  It has more than 200 trace nutrients from the red mushroom and is considered an energy drink.  The Gano Schokolade can be mixed with hot water (served hot or cold) or with milk to make a delicious chocoloate drink.

Gano soap is a combination of ganoderma lucidum extract and the purest goat’s milk that will cleanse, moisturize and beautify your skin.

Gano Fresh toothpaste is an all natural toothpaste that is said to help prevent tooth decay and gum disease.  It brings all kinds of nutrition to your mouth because of the ganoderma lucidum from the red reishi mushroom.

Other Gano products include vitamins, tea, cereal, Ganoderma, Excellium and Sakanno.

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Gano Products Are Here!

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