Apr 13 2011

GanoExcel: Do YOU Have a Coffee Shop Name?

coffee house1 150x150 GanoExcel:  Do YOU Have a Coffee Shop Name?GanoExcel Online Coffee Shop!

My coffee shop’s name is GanoExcel.  And my coffee shop is an online.  Customers who frequent coffee shops give the barista their first name with their drink order. When the order is filled, the customer’s name is called. That’s great if you are a Mary or a Bill.  However, if your parents named you Ndomican or Masingwaneng, you might want to go by “Tom” or ‘Missy’ because those names could actually be pronounced correctly!

No matter what your moniker, if you are a GanoExcel customer you have the luxury of choosing your favorite Gano flavor from the comfort of you own home! No traveling; no drive through; no traffic to buck. These tasty drinks, Classic, Mocha or Three-In-One, can be hot or iced as the weather and your inclination dictates. You might even choose the ruby red treat of Gano’s SOD tea. MMM, any of them would satisfy your craving for something lovely.

It doesn’t end with a refreshing beverage. By choosing GanoExcel’s coffees or tea or chocolate you are taking in flavorful goodness infused with the King of Mushrooms, Red Reishi mushroom. Its healing properties are well documented. There is a wealth of information about this ingredient and you can see it all for yourself at www.pubmed.org.

When I discovered Gano’s suite of products I was very pleased. What pleased me even more: the work at home business opportunity where I could enjoy the benefits of great beverages while sharing the joy of working at home and online coffee shopping with my friends and family. I began to build a Team and a very successful home based business which afforded my family an additional stream of income.

To see an overview of the GanoExcel Compensation Plan Click Here!

Have you ever considered marrying your passion for coffee with an at home business?  I will admit that I never had either until I found GanoExcel.  It is not just an online coffee shop with delicious tasting coffee.  GanoExcel is an enriched coffee.  It is made with organic coffee beans but the combination of the ganoderma with the caffeine leaves you feeling great.  No jitters, no keeping you you awake at night.  I begin my day with a cup of GanoExcel and I end my day with another cup.  I sleep like a baby and I feel great.  If it has ever crossed your mind to combine your love of coffee with a home business opportunity, it behooves you to contact me. I’d love to share more of my story with you. And I’d love to learn your name!

Visit My Online Coffee Shop for GanoExcel Here!

Kathy Jenks
Independent Distributor

Feb 20 2011

Gano Excel

coffee a holic Gano ExcelGano Excel:  Where is My Coffee?

“I need my caffeine fix!”

I actually heard that one morning this week at a funeral!

I immediately thought of my coffee, Gano Excel and I wondered could it be that it isn’t really about the caffeine?  Is it possible that it is NUTRITION our bodies are craving?

Here are the facts:  Caffeine is a stimulant.  When you drink plain label coffee the caffeine gives your body a boost but that ‘high’ isn’t sustainable.  Later, you desire more caffeine, maybe even some sugar to lift your mood again, only to have it drop like a lead balloon later.  It makes for a very vicious cycle.

Gano Excel coffee is better why?

Gano Excel’s GanoCafe Classic stands head and shoulders above the ordinary coffee we are accustomed to putting into our coffee mugs.  You see, Gano Excel has infused the benefits and goodness of The King of Mushrooms into their exquisite blends.   They have found a way to infuse the health benefits of Reishi red mushroom into their coffee blends.  That makes for stronger immune systems, more real and sustained energy levels, and much more stamina.  I know this for a fact because I can feel the difference in my own body when I drink delicious GanoCafe morning, noon and night.

If your palate is anything like mine, you might prefer the Gano Excel product GanoCafe 3 in 1 as your brew of choice.  GanoCafe 3 in 1 had me on the first sip!  The Number One innovators of delicious coffee took a great, rich coffee, added just a touch of natural sweetness and creamy goodness and gave us coffee devotees a portable, delicious way to add wonderful coffee AND a boost to our well being!


Just in case improving your health with the 200 trace minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients of the Reishi mushroom, great satisfying flavor, and portability are not enough to delight you I am happy to inform you that there is also a wonderful opportunity to work with the GanoExcel company and their entire complement of products to bring residual income to your door, along with the great coffee we all enjoy!

I fell in love with Gano Excel.  Then I realized what a great opportunity lay before me for a home based business and the entrepreneur in me could not resist.  I am now building a burgeoning Team of folks who are improving their health as well as their bottom line.  If this appeals to you as much as that first cup of coffee in the morning, please contact me at your earliest convenience so we can get you started on your journey!


Kathy Jenks
Independent Distributor

Jan 16 2011


gano products GanoGano Excel:  Java Juice

Are you keeping track of how many shekels you fork over for your morning jolt of java juice?  I am!  I only spend 75 cents for my morning brew.  Compared to a daily stop at a coffee shop, the savings is pretty significant.  I can drink that cup at home, on my way to work, or on my break time at work.   My favored choice for that cup is Gano Excel’s Mocha, a fine, rich blend of deep, dark coffee with smooth decadent chocolate.  Each of their flavors-Classic, Three in One, or Mocha is packaged individually in convenient packets that slip easily into pockets, purses or lunch bags.  You can enjoy these drinks as hot beverages or icy cold treats.

To view the Gano Products Go Here!

No matter how you like them or which flavor you prefer you will also have the health benefits of Red Reishi Mushrooms. The Reishi mushroom is considered to be the King of Mushrooms in Asia and you can determine for yourself how many benefits are recorded by visiting PubMed.

Coffee shopping online is easy as pointing and clicking.  Better yet, the entire suite of Gano products can be delivered to your door.   In fact, Gano Excel has an interesting income opportunity for a work at home business opportunity. Simply by drinking tasty, health-supporting beverages and sharing them with your circle of influence you can bring a stream of income into your household.   What might you DO with more income?

My Team and I are growing our Gano Excel coffee businesses along with our social contacts and our finances.   If these notions appeal to you and you are a coffee lover, or you enjoy tea and hot chocolate as well as people and profit, you might like to consider joining me.

Join Gano Here!

Kathy Jenks
Independent Distributor

Jan 8 2011

Gano Excel Gives Back!

jazz 150x150 Gano Excel Gives Back!Gano Excel and The Pasadena Jazz Institute!

On May 15, 2010, Gano Excel partnered with the Pasadena Jazz Institute to help send under privileged children to a week long jazz camp.  In the summer of 2010, thanks to the efforts of Gano Excel and it’s distributors, 10 children were selected to go to the camp.  These were children who would not have been able to go if it had not been for the gift of giving back.

I have always been proud to be an independent distributor for Gano but this alliance has given me a new found admiration for the Gano Excel leadership.   There are many ways to give back but sending children to jazz camp is not one I would have thought of on my own.  To spend money to give our youth a positive experience and form what could be lasting relations through the world of music is such a refreshing cause and one Gano Excel should be proud of.

I remember when I was growing up, everyone was involved in the life of the children.  School activities were attended by almost everyone.  Yes, we had our few who did not get involved in school but for the most part, school activities were attended by students and parents a like.  The school even provided buses to take students to all the games and when parents got out of work, they headed for the high school games.   Things have changed over the years and school budgets have been cut to the point where providing spectator buses is for some districts, just a fond memory for those of us that were lucky enough to live in the “good old days”.

So I want to take a minute to say thank you.

Thank you Gano Excel!


Thank you Gano Excel Distributors for getting involved!

I know I will be giving a donation to help send kids to jazz camp in 2011.  I think music, sports, drama and any other positive experience can often times save a child.  See the video below for a look at jazz camp 2010.   If you would like more information
On Becoming Involved With Gano Excel Go Here Now!

The Gano Excel Coffee Opportunity is Here!

Kathy Jenks
Independent Distributor
Gano excel4 150x107 Gano Excel Gives Back!

Sep 19 2010

Coffee Shop

coffee house 150x150 Coffee ShopThe Gano Excel Coffee Shop

A Coffee shop is a very popular gathering spot.  Folks line up to shell out handsomely for flavors and froth; iced or steaming. Maybe you like hanging out in a coffee shop  near you.

GanoExcel has changed the coffee and tea habits of a great many folks.  It’s so easy to satisfy your desire for a coffee break.  First, you have the convenience of an online coffee shop.  Your order is shipped to your door.  You then can take a coffee break any where, any time by opening a convenient pre-measured packet of the tasty goodness of healthy coffee, infused with the health benefits of Red Reishi mushrooms. With The Gano Excel online coffee shop, you can even choose from a yummy variety of healthy coffee that includes Mocha; Three in One, which has cream and sugar; or Classic.  Each offering has a rich, delicious blend of healthy and tasty to please any palate.

The addition of ganoderma lucidum from the Red Reishi mushrooms is genius.   All the health benefits they offer are legendary and can be found in detail on www.pubmed.org.  The red reishi mushroom is known as the king of herbs and has been uses medicinally for thousands of years in asian countries.  Gano Excel has their own plantation where the ganoderma mushrooms are grown.  To learn more about the plantation, watch the below video.  Gano Excel brings you organic ganoderma  from their own plantations to bring you the healthiest coffee that any coffee shop can bring.

There’s much more genius to GanoExcel than convenience, health and good flavor of an online coffee shop.  There is a wonderful work at home business opportunity open to coffee and tea lovers.  Simply by easily accessing online coffee shopping and sharing your story with people in your circle of influence you can create a stream of income.

Healthy coffee is only one aspect of GanoExcel’s portfolio of goodness.  They have an entire suite of products to take you from breakfast to bedtime, enriching your life and helping you to be healthier.  You also have the home business opportunity.  You can see for yourself all the ways you can make your life better with a Gano Excel online coffee shop.  Benefits are both physical as well as financial.

The Gano Coffee Shop Is Here!

My amazing GanoExcel Team is growing rapidly. If you would like to be a part of this thriving business and enjoy great products while enhancing your financial picture and your well being, you might like to contact me.  Discover the Gano Compensation Plan Here!

If you join my team, together, we’ll realize more benefits and have even more fun than if we visited a neighborhood coffee shop!

The Gano Excel Coffee Shop Opportunity is Here!

Kathy Jenks
Independent Distributor


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